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12 May 2020
Africa – Ein Kontinent der Chancen auch für KMUs… und wie diese Wirklichkeit werden können – trotz Coronakrise!

European and African entrepreneurs, especially medium-sized companies, are looking for ways to better use the enormous potential of cooperation among each than ever before. To this end, the German government has launched the Special Initiative on education and employment, which promotes European investments in Africa in order to create employment prospects for local people. The funds and assistance offered by this Special Initiative are aimed precisely at European entrepreneurs like you. For this reason, GIZ asked the European Association of SMEs, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, to present together with its members in various countries, including BVMW and ÖGV , this special initiative as well as other offers for SMEs, which are looking to find opportunities for economic cooperation with African partners.

Even and particularly now - in "corona times" - the opportunities to find interesting partners and markets in Africa continue to exist and are becoming increasingly important, because no doubt Africa is closer to Europe, has at least until now been less affected by the pandemic and is - as an economy and society – clearly more oriented more towards Europe than towards other continents.

The webinar would like to offer german-speaking entrepreneurs the opportunity to get to know the various offers of the German federal government and of the business associations BVMW, ÖGV and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, which can open up concrete ways to make it easier for SMEs in Africa.

Stay in contact with all participants and find out about new webinars, events and business opportunities - register to www.african-european-entrepreneurs.com

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